Improvement of an Interoperable and Adaptable Middleware using IoT Semantic Web Technologies

Nay Min Htaik, Nyein Aye Maung Maung, Win Zaw


In today changing world, Internet of Things (IoT) is creating a new world, where people and businesses can make more timely and better informed decisions about what they want or need to do. Over the last years, agriculture industry in few countries has been expended to smart agriculture. Nevertheless, the agricultural industry in Myanmar needs to be modernized with the involvement of IoT technologies for crops’ growth monitoring, irrigation decision and harvesting system. However, due to the complexity of IoT middleware, most of the middleware frameworks are designed to be used by IT experts. To allow non-IT experts (e.g. farmers, plant scientist) to configure the sensor devices easier and faster, without knowing the background knowledge of technical details, sensor-level configuration of heterogeneous devices needs to be fully interoperable (network, syntactic, and semantic interoperability) due to the huge number of sensor devices integrated and their diversity in term of data formats, communication protocols, nature of components etc. In this work, we propose a fully interoperable middleware framework that incorporates semantic web technologies with the existing Global Sensor Network middleware to solve the above challenges. The proposed system supports horizontally semantic interoperability which addresses the challenge of adaptability of our approach to different domains. Performance of the proposed system will be implemented and evaluated mainly in crops’ growth of agriculture area of Myanmar.


Internet of Things (IoT); middleware; semantic web technologies; sensor devices; smart agriculture.

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