An Approach towards Designing a Cryptographic Confidentiality Algorithm with high PSNR & Time Efficient

Surendra Kumar Sharma, Ramratan Ahirwal


Steganography is the technique of hiding valuable information within other data. While cryptography makes sure that the data is unreadable to the third party.  To fulfill the concern of security, many approaches of steganography and cryptography are discussed and developed. In the paper we proposed a work with combined approach of steganography and cryptography and is applied to achieve the goal of security with better efficiency as compared to previous methodologies. The information hiding system is mainly designed with the attributes of characters i.e. RGB values. The proposed work presented in this paper implements the five processing steps of our methodology. These steps consists the generation of a pseudo random number with the help of a 128 bit key, generation of four keys to encrypt the message, encryption by symmetric key encryption technique,  cipher text hiding by replacing the least significant with the application of modified LSB algorithm, and generation of secured message at the end as output. The proposed algorithm is designed in such a way that before hiding a bit, the bit is optimized first that it increases the PSNR value as compared with previous algorithms without affecting the other parameters. 


Steganography; Cryptography; Data Hiding; LSB Method.

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