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In this paper, we will describe how to build a safe and online advance auction website. The system has been built to be extremely scalable and capable of serving huge groups of bidders in a promotional event. You may browse deals and put bids on a secure server using the online auction system. The service provider is responsible for all shipping costs. The goal is to create a user-friendly auctioning platform where any goods may be auctioned and where bidders and sellers can receive value-added services. The items will be verified, and the site will provide a secure and safe experience for online users. Auction system is further divide into two different easy platforms in which one is special designed for only the developers to maintain and update the system according the current requirements and demands while another is specific for user-end platform. It is very efficient, secure and reliable for all types of bidders, buyer and sellers. Because of its reliability, efficiency and secure platform, it is not wrong to say that this auction system is unique and can differs from all other system which are also developed and designed for the purpose of auctioning.</p> Sheharyar Khan Zeeshan Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-04-25 2022-04-25 43 1 1 13 Code Writing Problem in Python Programming Learning Assistant System <p>To advance python programming knowledge of students, Python Programming Learning Assistant System (PYPLAS) is elaborated. Currently, PYPLAS included the element fill-in-blank problem and error debugging problem to improve the student’s python programming skill. Then, students learn python testing techniques such as unit&nbsp;test (PYUNIT), PYTEST&nbsp;and coverage, etc. In this paper, PYPLAS provides the code writing problem so that students can learn the python code testing and write the python code according to test code. So, code writing problem is generated by using Test Driven Development (TDD) method. Teacher gives the test code to students. Students answer the program code according to test code by using unit&nbsp;test (PYUNIT). Teacher checks the answer code according to coverage in TDD method. For evaluations, 100 codes are provided to accurate the code testing and coverage approach in TDD method. 11&nbsp;problems are generated and asked 5 learners from training center and universities to solve them in offline PYPLAS. Their results are checked by using coverage approach to display their correct rate.&nbsp;The results show the code writing problem is helpful to test the student’s coding quality.</p> Hsu Wai Hnin Khin Khin Zaw Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-04-25 2022-04-25 43 1 14 23 Integrated Flow Shop and Vehicle Routing Problem Based on Tabu Search Algorithm <p>We consider in this paper a m-machine permutation flow shop scheduling problem and vehicle routing problem (VRP) integrated [1]. The manufacturing workshop is a flow shop and there is only one vehicle available. We are interested in the minimization of the total tardiness. related to the delivery completion times. Therefore, we are faced to three interdependent problems: scheduling the jobs in the flow shop environment, batching the completed jobs, and routing the batches. Then, we present the resolution method based on Tabu search and the results that have been obtained. Computational experiments are performed on random data sets and show the efficiency of the methods. Finally, a conclusion and some future research directions are proposed.</p> Quang Chieu Ta Phuong Mai Pham Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-04-25 2022-04-25 43 1 24 35 Business Intelligence and its Relationship with Sales’ Increase in a Farinaceous Company at Callao <p class="Els-Abstract-text"><span lang="X-NONE">Nowadays, globally, the use of technological tools in business has driven a significant improvement in processes, reducing costs and increasing profits; one of those tools is business intelligence. However, its use of Peru is not so common, because it is associated with high implementation costs, in addition, its benefits are not yet clearly identified in Peruvian companies due to its poor implementation and the lack of research related to the subject. In this research, the benefits obtained after the implementation of business intelligence tools in a farinaceous industrial company in Callao were evaluated and be able to determine the relationship between the use of these tools and the increase in sales. The analysis consisted of the elaboration of a questionnaire to evaluate the perception of workers regarding the use of these tools; the results obtained were statistically analyzed, using the methodology proposed by Hernández. In addition, a comparison of sales amounts and quantities was made before and after the implementation of these tools. The results show that the workers of the organization perceive an improvement in their daily activities due to the support of business intelligence tools, also the amounts and quantities sold were increased, which is confirmed by the comparison of actual amounts and quantities analyzed. It was concluded that the use of business intelligence is positively related to the increase in sales, which is a similar benefit in research by international companies, demonstrating that in Peruvian companies these tools also help business growth.</span></p> Efrain Palomino Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-04-30 2022-04-30 43 1 36 47 Analysis of Biodegradable and Non-Biodegradable Materials Using Selected Deep Learning Algorithms <p>It is possible to divide the materials used in the world into recyclable and nonrecyclable. Biodegradable materials contain elements naturally degraded by microorganisms such as foods, plants, fruits, etc. Waste from this material can be processed into compost. non-biodegradable materials include materials that do not naturally decompose, such as plastics, metals, inorganic elements, etc. Waste from this material can only be reused by converting it into new materials. In this study, the classification of biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials was done using deep learning methods. Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) performs steps such as preprocessing and feature extraction in classification. 5430 images were used for the dataset. 70% of this dataset was used as training data, 15% as validation data, and 15% as test data. Of the Deep Learning methods, the pre-trained neural networks AlexNet, ShuffleNet, SqueezeNet, and GoogleNet were used. For each algorithm, the performances were evaluated by classifying them as biodegradable and non-biodegradable. With this study, we can identify, track, sort, and process waste materials by classifying materials.</p> Ipek Atik Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-05-11 2022-05-11 43 1 48 59 Information System and Marketing Channels as a Support for Small Textile Companies: Masaru S.A. <p>The objective of this scientific article is to implement an information system that will help small and micro enterprises to improve their processes through online service platforms, which, when related to marketing channels, will offer the construction of sustainable competitive advantages, in consistent organizations as a contribution to the global systematization of small and micro enterprises. The methodology used is applied, causal correlational, non-experimental, carried out in the field, using the survey technique and a questionnaire as an instrument. Shapiro-Wilk was applied because n &lt; 50 (n = 28). P - Value is less than 0.05 (p=0.001 for both variables), where it does not present normal distribution. Developing the hypothesis test, the significance level is less than 0.05 (0.020), we accept the research hypothesis. It is concluded that there is a relationship in the application of an information system related to the commercialization channels as a competitive support that will improve the processes in the company Masaru S.A.</p> Luis Sakibaru Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-05-11 2022-05-11 43 1 60 72 Digitalising the Library Management for Effective Performance in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Sector <p>Advancement in information and technology in the 21st century has affected the manner and type of information required by library users. To effectively meet the emerging needs of information seekers, libraries need to be digitalised. The aim of this paper is to examine how the digitalising of library management can lead to effective performance in the Nigerian oil and gas sector. This study adopts an analytical research methodology that showed that there is still a huge gap in the delivery of library services in the oil and gas sector due to the lack of full digitalisation of libraries in the sector. Five subtopics were analyzed in order to articulate the aim of the study. The subtopics include; Introduction, Digitalisation of library management and digital libraries, the need for digitalisation of library management in the oil and gas sector, and how the digitisation of library management can lead to effective performance in the oil and gas sector, and challenges to the digitalisation of libraries.&nbsp; The study concluded that the oil and gas sector is the backbone of the Nigerian economy hence oil and gas professionals need easy and fast access to information for effective performance and safety. As such, libraries need effective service delivery. It also recommended solutions to the challenges of digitalisation of library performance in the oil and gas sector.</p> Misol Joan Kangkum Kehinde Ogunsola-Saliu (Ph.D.) Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-06-09 2022-06-09 43 1 73 80 Empirical Study of Vessel Extraction Algorithms <p>Medical imaging is a technique for creating an image of the human body in order to diagnose various diseases such as stenosis, aneurysm, arterial venous malformation, thrombus, plaque and internal bleeding. Blood vessel segmentation is critical in the diagnosis of a variety of diseases. Blood vessels that are segmented give much useful information about their anatomy and location. They are important in a variety of medical applications, including diagnostic, surgical therapy, and radiation treatments.<strong> &nbsp;</strong>A significant amount of research has gone into vessel segmentation, and a variety of techniques has emerged as a result. In addition, there are different segmentation techniques such as active contour segmentation technique, hybrid segmentation technique, thresholding segmentation techniques, watershed segmentation techniques, edge detection segmentation technique, etc. It is also observed that magnetic resonance images of blood vessels were exposed to noise due to selection and inappropriate techniques such poor performance invisibility. In other words, there is no single approach to follow for a perfect outcome of images. There are some of the methods that use gray-level histograms, while there are others that integrate spatial image information, and this causes noisy outcomes. Therefore, we build the medical imaging vessel visualization system using MATLAB as tool. In this study, we empirically investigate the visibility performance vessel extraction algorithm. We implement following vessel extraction algorithms: active contour algorithm and edge detection algorithm. We observed that edge detection algorithm (SOBEL) is the better in term of image clarity as compared to active contour and edge detection algorithm. This project enable IS department to do more advanced level research in medical imaging.</p> Reem Aljeeran Laila Alsenawi Kalim Qureshi Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-06-16 2022-06-16 43 1 81 90 Empirical Study of MRI Brain Tumor Edge Detection Algorithms <p>A brain tumor refers to the abnormal growth of cells that can be found in the brain or the skull. MRI is a type of advanced medical imaging that provides detailed information about the anatomy of the human soft tissues. Medical experts perform tumor segmentation using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data, which is an essential part of cancer diagnosis and treatment. Tumor detection refers to the methods that are used to diagnose cancer or other types of diseases. Edge detection is also one of the common methods that come under the process of treating medical images. The main objective of edge detection is discovering information about the shapes, transmission, and reflection of images. In this paper, we investigated the performance comparison MRI brain tumor edge detection Algorithms. The Canny, and Prewitt are used for investigation. As result, Canny edge detection is better than Prewitt in term of clarity and visibility for the tumor.</p> laila alsenawi Reem AlJeeran Kalim Qureshi Copyright (c) 2022 International Journal of Computer (IJC) 2022-06-23 2022-06-23 43 1 91 100