A Framework for an E-government Based on Service Oriented Artichitecture

Dayah Mohamed Ali, Dr. Wilson Cheruiyot, Dr. Michael W. Kimwele


Electronic government is use of information and communication technologies in government to provide public services, to improve managerial effectiveness and to promote democratic values; as well as a regulatory framework that facilitates information intensive initiatives and fosters the knowledge society. To develop framework for an e-government may dynamically change in e-Government system requirements and the need for a highly autonomous approach for government agencies. The public Agency Professional Survey is based on service oriented architecture that will be used to gather the benefits experienced by departments that are currently involved in the e-Government initiatives. The expected findings may include the outcome of the implementation of e-Government initiatives in terms of operational efficiency and organizational effectiveness towards the online public services delivery channel. The study e-Government Based on Service Oriented Architecture will be helpful in implementation framework of e-Government in Governments.


G2G; G2C; G2B; E-Government.

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