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A new image encryption and decryption approach based on chaotic analog signal generator

MRITUNJAY SINGH, Dr. Yogendra Kumar Jain, Ramratan Ahirwal


In the last one and half decade, chaos has occurred as a new favorable candidate for network security because many chaos important features such as  very much sensitivity to initial conditions and ergodicity, are directly related with two basic properties of cipher texts: confusion and diffusion. In this paper a new image encryption and decryption method is proposed which is based on the chaotic signal generator and 2D baker maps. A 144 bit external secrete key acts as the input of the chaotic signal generator. Baker maps used for the confusion of the main input image after that XOR operation used in diffusion process. The proposed method is simulated using Matlab and the results are secure with all type of cryptanalytic tests and statistical analysis tests.


Analog signal generator; Baker maps; Differential attack; Cahaotic maps; Statistical analysis; Key sensitivity test;

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