Mammography Image Enhancement using Linear, Nonlinear and Wavelet Filters with Histogram Equalization

Aziz Makandar, Bhagirathi Halalli


In the worldwide, breast cancer is one of the major diseases among the women. In the modern medical science, there are plenty of newly devised methodologies and techniques for the timely detection of breast cancer. However, there are difficulties still exist for detecting breast cancer at an early stage for its diagnoses because of poor visualization and artifacts present in the mammography. Thus the Digital mammographic image preprocessing often requires, enhancement of the image to improve the quality while preserving important details. The proposed method works in three stages. First it removes all the artifacts present in the image. Second it denoise the image by using Linear, nonlinear and wavelet filters. Third, contrast of the image increased by histogram equalization. This method definitely helps to computer aided diagnosis system to increase the accuracy. The experimental results are tested on two standard datasets MIAS and DDSM. 


Breast Cancer; Mammography; Medical Image Processing; Wavelet filters; Contrast Enhancement.

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