Securing the IP Multimedia Subsystem with IPsec and HTTP Digest

Mohammed Ibrahim Omar, Dr. Cheruiyot W. Kipruto, Dr. Michael W. Kimwele


Modern Telecommunication networks were combined from two communications: cellular networks and the Internet. The Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) is the key element in the Modern Telecommunication networks architecture that makes it possible to provide wide range cellular access to all the services that the Internet provides. So, IMS is a great achievement in the communication world with advantage to maintain single communication platform for all but the big challenge is to maintain an adequate security level in this different network environment. IMS is based principally on IP protocol. Therefore, it inherits the security issues of IP networks. The IMS architecture is open, distributed and it has the advantage of being flexible in its implementation and deployment. This generates a variety of communication interfaces, which can make the system very vulnerable to attack. Add to that, the services offered on the IMS network must be provided by ensuring confidentiality and respect the privacy of users. Therefore, it is necessary to secure the IMS network at every level of its architecture including the final customer or subscriber device. Solutions like firewalls, anti-spy ware and antivirus systems failed to counter the emerging threats because they only target specific types of threats. In this study we are proposing security approach which is a Combination model composed of two protocols IPsec and HTTP digest.


Internet Protocol Multimedia Subsystem (IMS); Internet Protocol Security (IPsec); HTTP.

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