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Readers Can Order Hard Copies from the journal 

Hard copies are available upon author request; we have the following options:

  •  3 distribution copies (each copy contains the author paper only + table of contents + journal's cover) -- cost is 64 USD + transfer fees.
  •  1 full volume copy +1 distribution copies -- cost is 119 USD + transfer fees.
  •  1 full volume copy -- cost is 105 USD + transfer fees.
  • Note: The delivery depends on the chosen option and on the volume in which the paper is published (between 20-60 days).
  • Note: the fees also cover any costs related to the delivery of the hard copies to the author by postal office. 

Reviewer Registration 

If you hold a PhD then you can register yourself as a reviewwer using the following registration page.



  •  During the registration; you must click the check box near the following statement "reviewer: Able to review articles." This statement is found at the end of the registration form).
  • Please add the email address in your address book so that the messages from Editorial Office do not end up in your spam without you knowing it.


Plagiarism Claims 

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 Copyright Infringement Claims 

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