Information For Librarians

We encourage research librarians to list this journal among their library's electronic journal holdings. As well, it may be worth noting that this journal's open source publishing system is suitable for libraries to host for their faculty members to use with journals they are involved in editing (see Open Journal Systems).

This page also covers the following topics for librarians:



Plagiarism Claims 

Notifications regarding any plagiarism issue should be directed to the IJC editor at . 

 Copyright Infringement Claims 

Notifications regarding any alleged intellectual property infringement should be directed to the IJC editor at . 

Librarians Can Order Hard Copies from the journal 

Hard copies are available upon request:

  •  1 full volume copy -- cost is 105 USD + transfer fees.
  • Note: The delivery depends on the chosen option and on the volume in which the paper is published (between 20-60 days).
  • Note: the fees also cover any costs related to the delivery of the hard copies to the author by postal office.