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Minimization of Active Power Loss and Voltage Profile Fortification by Using Differential Evolution – Harmony Search Algorithm

K. Lenin, Bhumanapally Ravindhranath Reddy, M. Surya Kalavathi


This paper presents DEHS (Differential Evolution-harmony Search) algorithm for solving the multi-objective reactive power dispatch problem .Harmony Search is a new heuristic algorithm, which mimics the procedure of a music player to search for an ideal state of harmony in music playing. Harmony Search can autonomously mull over each component variable in a vector while it generates a new vector. These features augment the flexibility of the Harmony Search algorithm and produce better solutions and overcome the disadvantage of Differential Evolution. Improved Differential Evolution method based on the Harmony Search Scheme, which we named it DEHS (Differential Evolution-harmony Search). The DEHS method has two behaviors. On the one hand, DEHS has the flexibility. It can adjust the values lightly in order to get a better global value for optimization. On the other hand,   DEHS can greatly boost the population’s diversity. It not only uses the DE’s strategies to search for global optimal results, but also utilize HS’s tricks that generate a new vector by selecting the components of different vectors randomly in the harmony memory and its outside. In order to evaluate the proposed algorithm, it has been tested on IEEE 30 bus system and compared to other algorithms.



Modal analysis, optimal reactive power, Transmission loss, differential evolution, harmony.

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