Repositioning the Logistic Industry for Effective Service Delivery in Nigeria: A Case Study

Osang Francis Bukie


The logistic sector remains one silent but vital component of the transportation sector in Nigeria. In developed countries of the world, the use of information and communication technology has brought tremendous transformation to different workplaces including the logistic industry in terms of speed, convenience, efficiency and wealth creation. Unfortunately, processes in the courier services in Nigeria are still being largely managed manually with its attendant security challenges, waste of time, storage etc. Through a system development life cycle methodology, this work developed a computerized courier mail tracking and management system with enhanced features using PHP and MySQL database. It was hosted on a WampServer and successfully implemented for Suvex Delivery Services Limited (SDSL).The platform does not only guarantee that processes in the logistics section are more secured and better organized for tracking and retrieval of relevant information, it ensures that effectiveness and efficiency remain the watch word in the logistics industry.


Logistic industry; survex delivery services; courier mail tracking system; system development life cycle etc.

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