Hybrid DWT-SVD Digital Image Watermarking

Saira Mudassar, Munazah Jamal, Prof. Dr. Farkhand Shakeel Mahmood, Nouman Shah, Hamza Bin Tahir, Hassan Malik


The protection of the multimedia data is one of the main issue in the global village. Several procedures are implemented to protect the digital data. Watermarking provide the robust solution for multimedia contents security.  It can be easily used to protect the digital color images form illegal use and increase the stoutness of images against intentional and unintentional attacks by computer hackers and crackers. Singular Value Decomposition (SVD) and Discrete Wavelet Transformation (DWT) is a hybrid watermarking process because it is efficiently implemented during the embedding and extracting stages of digital images watermarking. Embedding information does not affect the quality of original images. Embedded information is hidden from the non-authorized person. Using DWT-SVD method, the original and watermark images was divided into separate color channels RGB.  R channels of both images were selected for embedding using secret beta key. Reverse procedure was applied to extract the watermark image for authentication or verification of contents. The values of PSNR, NC, MSE, SSIM, RMSE, SNR were determined seemed well sheltered. 



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