Decision Support Systems for the Efficiency Social Networks of Small and Medium Enterprises


  • Victor E. Rivera-Castro School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico
  • Angel Ojeda-Castro School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico
  • Juan Valera School of Business and Entrepreneurship, Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico


Decision Support Systems, Social Networks, Strategic Decisions, Small and Medium Enterprises.


The objective of this literature review article was to develop a framework of reference for the use of social networks as a decision support systems tool for the efficiency of small and medium enterprises. Twenty (20) research articles were reviewed from 2011 to 2017 that were associated with the topics of decision support systems, strategic decisions, and social networks. The research findings suggest that the use of decision support systems help the organization gain a competitive advantage, improve performance by analyzing the data obtained, and the data extracted from social networks add value to the company with low investment. Social networks have transformed the availability of information for their customers, making available a set of tools for searching, debugging, and validating data from both: individuals and organizations [19]. The use of social media is an effective modality for the development of relationships with clients and employees [10].


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