Responding to and Preventing Threats to Cybersecurity When Utilizing the Internet of Things

  • Jaipratap Singh Grewal University of Toronto, 27 Kings College Circle, Toronto M5S 1A1, Ontario, Canada
Keywords: Device Security, Sensors and Devices for IoT, Security and Privacy, Social impacts, Device-to-Device Communication, Machine-to-Machine Communications, Cyber-Physical Systems.


The Internet of Things has the potential to connect billions of devices and is developing at a tremendous rate. Billions of people will be able to connect through it. However, this system increases the vulnerability of each device, as a breach in the security of a single connected device will compromise the rest of the system’s safety. A hacker or virus may be able to get access to multiple connected devices by targeting just one of the many devices online. Therefore, such attacks will have a much larger reach compared to the attacks on individual systems. Preventing or being able to react to this issue is important, as the safety and privacy of people must be protected. Society needs a proper protocol that can protect these connected devices from cyber-attacks. This paper aims to propose solutions that will either prevent or respond to these cyberattacks, thus making systems more secure.


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