Survey on Emotion Recognition Using Facial Expression


  • Moe Moe Htay University of Computer Studies, Mandalay, Myanmar
  • Zin Mar Win University of Computer Studies, Mandalay, Myanmar


facial expression, facial features, feature extraction, emotion classification.


Automatic recognition of human affects has become more interesting and challenging problem in artificial intelligence, human-computer interaction and computer vision fields. Facial Expression (FE) is the one of the most significant features to recognize the emotion of human in daily human interaction. FE Recognition (FER) has received important interest from psychologists and computer scientists for the applications of health care assessment, human affect analysis, and human computer interaction. Human express their emotions in a number of ways including body gesture, word, vocal and facial expressions. Expression is the important channel to convey emotion information of different people because face can express mainly human emotion. This paper surveys the current research works related to facial expression recognition. The study attends to explored details of the facial datasets, feature extraction methods, the comparison results and futures studies of the facial emotion system.


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