Supporting Service Differentiation in Multi-domain Multilayer Optical Networks


  • Wajdi Halabi University College of Science and Technology (UCST), IT and CS Department, Khanyounes, Gaza strip, Palestine


DiffServ, Service differentiation, QoS, DWDM, IP/MPLS, optical networks, multi-domain multilayer, ASON/GMPLS, topology abstraction, IP/WDM


Providing differentiated quality of service became more and more important. This is not only because some service requests a high quality and real time transportation, but also because other services such as the capacity greedy applications request a higher bandwidth. In the meantime, has been the hybrid architecture consists of IP/MPLS domain and ASON/GMPLS optical domain projected as the infrastructure of the future internet. This architecture supports the transportation of the in near future expected data traffic on the ASON/GMPLS over DWDM optical domain, whereas it supports all the IP based service applications using the IP/MPLS domain. However, supporting service differentiation in multi-domain multilayer optical networks require the invention on routing scheme that supports both routing policies, the Physical Topology First (PTF) and Virtual Topology First (VTP), which are used to accommodate traffic in multilayer networks. In this work we use a hierarchical routing algorithm to evaluate the service differentiation schemes that are known in the literature in an IP/MPLS over ASON/GMPLS multi-domain network scenario, these service differentiation schemes are the Routing Policy Differentiation (RPD), Virtual Topology Differentiation (VTD) and Virtual Topology Sharing (VTS). 


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