Usages of Semantic Web Services Technologies in IoT Ecosystems and its Impact in Services Delivery: A survey


  • Mutasim Elsadig Adam Sudan University of sciences and technology, Khartoum, Sudan


Internet of Things, IoT, Semantic technology, service discovery, service selection, Web Service


Internet of things (IoT) has begun to emerge in our daily life through the huge number of smart services provided by the devices that deploy around us.  Vague and uncertainty in attributes that using in describing services, different levels of quality of each service and the limitation in capabilities of IoT devices are affect and hinder the process of discovering or selecting services.   The services in IoT need to be well described to enable users to receive their services that relevant to their query. This survey will investigate the most popular semantic services models and explore the use of these models in enhancing services discovery and services selection in IoT domain. Furthermore, the survey will investigate the evaluation metrics used by each study and compare the results that they obtained. 


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