RWMSI (Read Exclusive Write Exclusive Modified Shared Invalid) Cache Coherence Protocol


  • Luma F. Jalil Al Rasheed University College, Al-Hussein neighborhood, Baghdad10001 , Iraq
  • Abeer D. Al-Nakshabandi Distribution office At Ministry of Electricity, Baghdad 10001, Iraq


Computer Architecture, Cache Simulator, MESI, RWMSI, visual C


This paper proposes a novel coherence protocol RWMSI (Read exclusive Write exclusive Modified Shared Invalid) that merges “snooping and directory – based coherence protocols “and enhanced them depending on the state of “MESI snooping protocol “. “ Coherence” is implemented with “snooping or directory based protocols “. Because of the shared bus the “ Snooping protocols “ are not scalable , while directory protocols incur directory storage overhead , frequent indirections , and are more prone to design bugs.


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