Multimedia License Models in a Work of Art When Handling Multimedia Material


  • Apostolos C. Klonis Informatics Secondary School Teacher, Μ.Sc., PhD., Lefkonas Serron, Serres 62100, Greece


Distribution, material, art, watermark, multimedia


In this research, the artist-audience relationship will be studied through the comparison of access control models. These models will be evaluated based on the type of work to be protected, which is artistic creation. A system for creating and interacting with multimedia environments that allow collaboration between artists and the audience is also proposed. This system approaches safety issues in multimedia environments that perform authenticity and watermark mechanisms. The authentication mechanism controls the processes of artists and audiences in multimedia files based on a set of actions required in real-world scenarios. The digital watermarking mechanism handles the protection of copyright and authenticity issues that occur in multimedia systems by applying a secure watermark.


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