Human Resource Information System with Digital Archiving


  • Elwin S. Argana Surigao State College of Technology, Philippines
  • Romy Jun A. Sunico Surigao State College of Technology, Philippines
  • Virnille C. Francisco Surigao State College of Technology, Philippines


HRIS, Digital Archiving, RAD Model


This study aimed to develop an automated tool for Human Resource Information System (HRIS) with security code and verifier integrated module. Rapid Application Development (RAD) Model was used in the planning, creating, deploying, and testing the system., Navicat, and Dezign were utilized in the system development and MySQL as database. The system helps manages employees’ records, in particular, information for leave credits, service records, and training development programs. It also tracks employees' performance and skills and manage the office resources. Using the system evaluation based on the ISO 9126 standard, the system has a high rate of usability (4.27), functionality (4.35), maintainability (4.23), and efficiency (4.30). Thus, the system is believed to provide a significant contribution to the productivity of the Human Resource employees; thereby, generating a due and timely feedback to the administration. 


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