An Enhanced Software Quality Testing Approach Using Metamorphic Testing Technique


  • Mohammed Abdalla Osman Mukhtar Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Alzaiem Alazhari University, Sudan
  • Nisreen Beshir Osman Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Bayan University. P.O. Box 210, Khartoum, Sudan
  • Sulieman Ibrahim S. Bahar Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Geneina University, Sudan


Software Quality, Metamorphic Testing Technique


The software testing process plays an important role in improving the quality of the software product. The product or program which is free from errors greatly contributes to assuring the quality of the software. An oracle in software testing is a person (tester) who performs the testing process. The oracle problem is the difficulty of determining the expected outcomes of selected test cases. A tester (oracle) may not always be available, or might be available but the process is too expensive and difficult to apply. The research presented in this paper proposes an approach for reducing the effect of the oracle problem during testing software and hence enhancing the quality of testing. Metamorphic Testing (MT) approach has been introduced and applied to generate a follow-up test case for multiple executions of program under test and verify the result automatically.  An experimental method has been used to explain the mechanism of work for (MT). JUNIT tool which supports MT has been used to apply selected case studies (trigonometric function, geometric shapes classification, booking web service). The obtained results showed a good enhancement in the testing process. The importance of this research lies in overcoming oracle problem or alleviates it and thus, the research contributes to knowledge the domain by guiding researchers to use the metamorphic method because of its great advantages, as well as evaluating the effect of metamorphic method through empirical studies.


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