Artificial Intelligence in Electronic Commerce


  • Lendina Rushani University of Tetova, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Informatics,Tetovo, 1200, North Macedonia
  • Festim Halili University of Tetova, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Department of Informatics,Tetovo, 1200, North Macedonia


electronic commerce, electronic business, artificial intelligence, chatbots, speech and image recognition


Compared to past years the way how the world functions today is very different. This is achieved as a result of several important improvements in the field of technology and internet. These improvements have influenced every aspect of our lives starting from the way we learn, the way we work, the way we travel, the way we shop and a lot of other activities. One of the fields that were drastically changed is the field of business and commerce. The purpose of this paper is to give information about the role and impact of artificial intelligence in electronic business. The readers of the paper will get familiar and gain solid information about the field of artificial intelligence and its implementation in electronic commerce.


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