A Validity of in-Vehicle Networks Using CAN-FD


  • Sukhyun Seo Department of Electronics Engineering, Tech Uniersity of Korea, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea


Automotive Control system, In-vehicle networks, CAN-FD, Cyber Security


The most common communication interface for automotive electronic control units is CAN (Controller Area Network). Since CAN was first introduced in Daimler vehicles in 1991, all automotive manufacturers have adopted CAN communication for in-vehicle networks. However, as the number of electronic control units connected to the CAN network grows rapidly, the CAN protocol is reaching its technological limits. To overcome this limitation, Bosch has introduced a new communication protocol, CAN-FD (Flexible Data-rate). In this paper, we analyse the characteristics and limitations of CAN-FD communication according to the topology under the in-vehicle wiring harness environment designed based on the existing classic CAN communication.


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