Improve Of Health Care Systems in Subareas of Saudi Arabia by GIS

  • Magdy Shayboub Ali Mahmoud Computer Science Department, Faculty of Computers and Informatics, Suez Canal University, Ismaillia, Egypt.
  • Samir Mahmud Adam Abdullah
  • Nasreldin Mohamed El-Tayeb
Keywords: GIS, Health planners, network analysis, hospital served demand, spatial data.


This paper shows how Geographical Information Systems (GIS) can be used to support health planners and demands on a micro-scale and explores the possibilities of using GIS for health care services in hospitals at Saudi Arabia subareas. GIS has several useful functions and tools that can be used in health planning field. The first part of this paper explains the issues that affect a local health care planning and monitoring of catchment area and facilities management. Each one of these issues is covered using several GIS functions including network analysis and spatial data analysis. The second part defines GIS and its possible application in the health care field. In this section, the relevant GIS functions have also been explained. The third part of this paper discusses the created and implemented a GIS application models, which is made for a local health care centre in Makkahh region and Taif city in Saudi Arabia. All the produced models can be applied on any private or public hospital in Makkahh region  and Taif city.

They can be used to build a spatial decision making support system for hospitals in Taif region and serves five local health services neighborhoods named as Turabah, Al-Khurma, Rania, Zulam and Al-Moya. In this paper; the former is used to produce drive-time hospital service area and the route is applied at the selected hospital to calculate the size of its served demand. Finally; in this work, three sets of GIS models have been produced. These are catchment area; patient profile and patient distribution; and patient flows models. So, the output of creating and implementing a GIS models are produced to help a local health planners in their health care decision making output.


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