Survey on Window and Linux as Server Operating System

  • Shahid Hussain Hazara University Manshera
  • Faisal Bahadur
  • Faqir Gul
  • Arif Iqbal
  • Ghazala Ashraf
  • Sumat Nazeer
Keywords: linux, window, server


Microsoft Windows and Linux are both increasing in terms of server operating system market share. Windows, which only a few years ago was not considered up to the business of supporting critical system requirements, is now the primary server operating system for many companies--and not just small organizations. Linux, which in the late 1990's was considered a hobbyist toy, now is the leading operating system in some applications such as web servers and is part of the intentional technology platform for major vendors such as IBM and Oracle. With both Windows and Linux improving in their proficiencies, we analyze the relative merits of each operating system. This research paper (survey on Window and Linux as server operating system) which provides detailed results of the survey and our analysis of the findings.

Author Biography

Shahid Hussain, Hazara University Manshera
Hazara university


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