Designing an Arabic Handwritten Segmentation System

  • Mohamed E. M. Musa Sudan University of Science and Technology. Khartoum, Sudan,
  • Bodoor A. Bashir Sudan University of Science and Technology. Khartoum, Sudan,
  • Mohamed N. I. Ismail College of Science, King Faisal University, Al-Ahsa, Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Arabic pattern recognition, word segmentation, morphological features.


The greatest difficulty facing the recognition of Arabic handwritten words is segmentation, because Arabic handwriting is cursive with complex multi-form styles. Hence, intensive research efforts are needed to reach an effective Arabic handwriting segmentation system. This paper presents a system which uses morphological features of the Arabic characters for segmentation. The proposed system segments non-overlapped (horizontally connected -e.g. "حسن") as well as overlapped (vertically connected - e.g. "نجد") characters. The result is not very good one. However, it arrives at good directives for more research. As the writing was freely without any restrictions, both over-segmentation and under-segmentation problems affect the system. 


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