State of the Art Computational Ternary Logic Currnent-Mode Circuits Based on CNTFET Technology


  • Mona Moradi Young Researcher and Elite Club, Roudehen Branch, Islamic Azad University, Roudehen, Tehran, Postal code: 3973188981, Iran


Current Mode Logic, Ternary Current Mode Comparator, Ternary Current Mode Multiplexer, Ternary Current Mode Decoder, Ternary Current Mode Exclusive OR, CNTFET.


Computational operations are considered as a time-consuming and important operation in ALU. These circuits play major role in computational operation in processing unit. This paper presents new computational Ternary Current Mode Circuits including comparator, multiplexer, decoder, and exclusive OR by means of Carbon NanoTube Field Effect Transistors. The new designs rely on three major parts: 1) the input currents which are converted to voltage; 2) threshold detectors; and 3) the output current flow paths to generate the outputs. The designs have been simulated based on 32nm CNFTET using Synopsys Hspice simulator.


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