Monitoring An Experimental Field Through A WebMapping Technology


  • Abel Wadoufey The University of Ngaoundere, Faculty of Science, Cameroon
  • Paul Dayang The University of Ngaoundere, Faculty of Science, Cameroon
  • Albert Ngakou The University of Ngaoundere, Faculty of Science, Cameroon


ReviTec, WebMapping, GIS, spatial objets, soil degradation, desertification, information system.


In order to efficiently combat soil degradation and desertification in Ngaoundere-Cameroon, an ecological approach called ReviTec was establihed through an experimental demonstration site. In the light of the management of spatial data within the site, ReviTec® researchers have been encountering difficulties related to data collection, analysis and display on the plant growth processes. For a sustainable management of ReviTec activities, we propose in this research, a Geographic Information System coupled to the WebMapping, that makes easier the dissemination and manipulation of objects directly on a map. This system has enabled the view of items such as tree, islands, demi-lunes, bunds on the map where they are represented by points. For each structure, the system offers a visualization possibility by a simple click on “More Information” on plant species, treatment applied on plants, plant growth, image of plants, and biovolume of trees. Such an adapted and innovative technology is suggested to be implemented in other existing ReviTec sites in Cameroon for a better visualization of results obtained.


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