Cloud Computing Privacy Concerns in Social Networks


  • Naif Ali Almudawi Department of Computer Science and Information System ,Najran University, Najran, Saudi Arabia


Cloud Computing, Social Networks, Privacy, Challenges.


The establishment of social networks and the cloud computing technology has led to the enrollment of a large number of online users into the networks. These users to a larger extent are capitalizing on the benefits and available opportunities that lacked before to a larger extent. Cloud computing has therefore enhanced the freedom of interaction on social media that has made most users to freely share personal information via social media as well as storage of information into the cloud computing systems. Accumulation of diverse information raises problems related to data security that has prompted the need for maintaining personal data private and improvement of the trust towards the service provider. This study investigates the privacy concerns that arises from the use of cloud technology in social networks and provides a recommendation on the measures that needs to be enforced to secure personal information stored over the cloud.

Author Biography

Naif Ali Almudawi, Department of Computer Science and Information System ,Najran University, Najran, Saudi Arabia



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