Mouse Jacking: A Survey


  • Varun Chitale Department of Computer Science, MITCOE, , Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune 411038, India
  • Anandita Bodas Department of Computer Science, MITCOE, , Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune 411038, India


Mouse Jacking, Spoofing Mouse, Spoofing Keyboard, Encryption in wireless devices, XOR.


In the modern era of technology, devices have become smaller, more user friendly and most importantly, wireless. Gadgets these days come with convenient wireless variants for the user. These wireless gadgets allow the user to access the host machine from a distance that varies depending upon the range of the radio signal. The latest innovation of wireless mouse has given the user freedom from the old technology of wired mouse. However, there is a serious threat that comes along with the facility of a wireless mouse. The data transmitted from the click on the mouse to the radio transceiver attached to the computer is not in an encrypted format, and is usually considered as data that is not confidential or important. Mouse Jacking is a set of vulnerabilities that is associated with wireless, non-Bluetooth mice and keyboards. Mouse Jacking allows the hacker or unauthorized user to access the target computer from 100 meters away by using an inexpensive USB dongle.


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