An Adaptive Framework For Bandwidth Allocation In Cloud Networks


  • D Venkatesh Associate Professor in CSE, Gates Institute of Technology, GOOTY, A.P, India
  • Puli Sukumar Reddy Research Scholar, Dept. of CSE, Gates Institute of Technology, GOOTY, A.P, India


Cloud Networks, Framework, Bandwidth Allocation.


The increasing user demands for services in Virtual Machines and Cloud computing has made the resource allocation an impossible task to be manually performed by human operators. Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and Virtual Networks have been increasingly getting attention as a way for managing these configurations due to the abstraction of the controlling part of the network and its decoupling from the forwarding layer. In this partial paper, we summarize the paradigm of SDNs and Virtual Networks and survey the state of-the-art of dynamic resource allocation in the field of Virtual Machines and Cloud computing using SDNs and Virtual Networks.


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