Framework for Vetting and Identifying Emulated Android Mobile Apps

  • Mr. Faustine Moogi Soroncho School of Computer Science and Information Technology
  • Dr. Wilson Cheruiyot Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Dr. Stephen Kimani
Keywords: Emulation, Repackaging, Mobile Apps, Similarity Levels, XDroid Moss.


Mobile apps emulation is increasing becoming serious threat. Criminals target popular apps that are used to carry sensitive user information like financial usernames and passwords. Criminals can download and repackage these apps with malicious codes which will help in stealing user information or send annoying adverts to user that will benefit the criminals. This paper focuses on XDroid Moss, an enhanced vetting framework to detect the emulated apps.


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Soroncho, M. F. M., Cheruiyot, D. W., & Kimani, D. S. (2016). Framework for Vetting and Identifying Emulated Android Mobile Apps. International Journal of Computer (IJC), 23(1), 35-41. Retrieved from