Analysis and Design of "Dates Traceability System"

  • Saleh Hammami King Saud University, Riyadh , kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Ameur Touir King Saud University, Riyadh , kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Hend Alshede King Saud University, Riyadh , kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Keywords: Traceability, Web Service, FTS Systems, Barcodes, Dates Traceability systems, Food Processing.


Food chain traceability verifies the breadth and depth characteristics to meet the production process and to reach desired objectives such as insuring food safety and providing consumers with added confidence in the food authenticity. Information technology is an attractive solution that helps achieve the traceability objectives. This is especially true with the wide spread of the Web technologies. This paper is intended   to enable any consumer for tracking dates products from its origin farm all the production stages to its final consumption. The functionalities of this system will include managing dates product data and their related actors, elaborating a way of coding dates product so that we can extract all traceability information using this code, helping/supporting finding anomalies (if any) in the chain of production and improving the dates quality. At any stage of the chain a product can be traced-back and offering services to health and government organizations to get better vision of the date's product history. 


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