Overlapping Community Detection using Local Seed Expansion


  • Nyunt Nyunt Sein University of Computer Studies (Kalay), Myanmar


Community Detection, Overlapping Community Detection, Local Expansion


Communities are usually groups of vertices which have higher probability of being connected to each other than to members of other groups. Community detection in complex networks is one of the most popular topics in social network analysis. While in real networks, a person can be overlapped in multiple communities such as family, friends and colleagues, so overlapping community detection attracts   more and more attention.  Detecting communities from the local structural information of a small number of seed nodes is the successful methods for overlapping community detection. In this work, we propose an overlapping community detection algorithm using local seed expansion approach. Our local seed expansion algorithm selects the nodes with the highest degree as seed nodes and then locally expand these seeds with their entire vertex neighborhood into overlapping communities using Personalized PageRank algorithm. We use F1_score( node  level detection )  and NMI( community level detection ) measures to assess the performances of the proposed algorithm by comparing the proposed algorithm’s detected communities with ground_truth communities on many real_world networks. Experimental results show that our algorithm outperforms over other overlapping community detection methods in terms of accuracy and quality of overlapped communities.


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